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Which technology is recommended to use as Audio Streaming Web Server

General Tech Technology & Software

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( 2 months ago )



I have a client side software which directly streams audio from a fileserver with public multimedia files exposed.

I'm using AWS S3 like web services, and I'm trying to maintain file hosting costs the lowest (Currently 0$). So any paid solution for data storage has been already reviewed.

The file collection size is really increasing. It might be close to 10TB of files during the next 12 months. For now I manage around 250Gb of diverse quality mp3 files and images.

I would like to implement a server for streaming multimedia files, and I would like some advice in which server architecture/technology to use for this purpose (Hadoop, Nginx, ..)

First requisites might be:

  • good I/O management
  • handling many persistent and durable connections for streaming.

The file security is not an issue in this question

Any help is welcome.



( 2 months ago )

There's nothing special about audio files vs. any others for this use case. Any web server will do.

You're already using S3, just use that. S3 can serve your files directly, but with any decent load you're going to want to use CloudFront in front of your S3 bucket. CloudFront is a CDN that will distribute your media files from geographically distributed points, keeping things nice and fast for your users. It's also often cheaper to use CloudFront than S3 directly, when you have more traffic.

what's your interest