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Which technology to automate deployment of mixed Java & .Net distributed system?

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( 2 months ago )


I'm developping a system composed of a java server stack, plus a couple of client parts (standalone rich client, MS Office modules etc..) and could eventually integrate an .NET server as well, in SOA architecture.

My purpose is to manage the whole chain of source versionning / build / deployment / test, and especially automate the deployment process.

My current experience is only a basic knowledge of the purpose of the tools as Maven/Ant/Cargo in case of java, no idea about .Net ecosystem.

I've found ControlTier which seems to offer some kind of automation level cross-platform.

Any advice on automation process technology stack?

Have you already had any experience of automating the deployement with java/.Net mixed distributed system?

May be a feedback concerning ControlTier?

Thanks in advance.

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