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Cambridge English Certification

General Tech QA/Testing
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Priya Roy


( 6 months ago )


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post a question like the following (and if not, I'd be happy to be redirected to a better one, maybe still on StackExchange), but since I have no other ideas, I'll ask anyway:

I've recently taken the CAE (Cambridge English Advanced, or C1 level) exam, being awarded grade A with an overall score of 205 on the Cambridge English Scale, which corresponds to CEFR C2 level.

My question is: can I write on my CV that I achieved C2 level or not?

INFO: The front page of my certificate states:

Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Advanced)*

This is to certify that NAME SURNAME has been awarded Grade A in the Certificate in Advanced English

Performance at Grade A demonstrates an ability at Level 3* and Council of Europe Level C2

Overall Score 205


*This level refers to the UK National Qualifications Framework

On the back:

Results are reported using scores on the Cambridge English Scale and certificates are awarded to candidates who achieve the following grades:

Grade A - CEFR Level C2 (score 200-210)

Grade B - CEFR Level C1 (score 193-199)

Grade C - CEFR Level C1 (score 180-192)

Candidates who have achieved a score between 200 and 210 (Grade A) have demonstrated ability at CEFR Level C2. Candidates who have not achieved a passing grade, but score between 160 and 179, receive a certificate stating they demonstrated ability at CEFR Level B2.

Asking to a couple of friends and to the manager of the English school where I took the test I got opposing views on the subject. Can you enlighten me?

For the time being my choice is to state this on my CV:

Certified C2 level, Cambridge English C1 Advanced qualification (Dec. 2018)
Cambridge English Scale score: 205

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