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“I have a certification” vs “I'm certified”

General Tech QA/Testing
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Sophia Chang


( 6 months ago )

Let's say I just passed a certification exam in a certain technology ABC.

Which of the following is/are correct? If more than one is, how do they differ?

  • I'm certified on ABC
  • I'm ABC certified
  • I have a certification on ABC

Lucky Negi


( 6 months ago )

I was about to just upvote @nihilist_frost but I have a few quibbles with his answer.

First: You can be "certified in" a subject. Like "I am certified in diesel engine repair." You can be "certified on" a particular machine or tool. "I am certified on turret lathes." You can be "certified as" a profession. "I am certified as a hairdresser."

Second: If you say, "I am ABC certified", "ABC" could be the organization that gave you the certification, or it could be the subject matter. Like, "I am Microsoft-certified", or "I am Java certified."

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