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Is it grammatically correct to use 'Certification training' in this context? [closed]

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Arminder Gill


( 6 months ago )


This paragraph is for CV and I have a question. Is it grammatically correct to use 'Certification training'?

  1. Certification
    • Fluke Networks
      • Certification training on the operation of the Network Analyser Fluke Networks Etherscope®
    • Cisco Network Academy
      • CCNA Exploration: Accessing the WAN
      • CCNA Exploration: LAN Switching and Wireless
      • CCNA Exploration: Routing Protocols and Concept
      • CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals

Thank in advance for your help.

Lucky Negi


( 6 months ago )

I think you can be more concise in this section.

You use "Certification" twice. All of these courses are certification, are they not?

So saying "Certification training" seems redundant to me. The repetition of "CCNA Exploration" is unnecessary as well.

I doubt you took these courses all at the same time. I would include the month and year of the course or just the year. This shows a progression of training with the company.

Something like this:

1. Certification

  • Fluke Networks

    • Operation of the Network Analyzer Fluke Networks Etherscope® , month/year
  • Cisco Network Academy, CCNA Exploration

    • Accessing the WAN, month/year
    • LAN Switching and Wireless, month/year
    • Routing Protocols and Concept, month/year
    • Network Fundamentals, month/year

this is basically how I would organize the section. Depending on how extensive your CV is you might add a bit more to the description of the certification of a specific course if there was anything special to talk about.

You should never have more than 2 pages with the most important information on the first page. The first page gets 100% attention. The second page only will be read 50% of the time and only if they are interested after the first page. Each succeeding page progressively gets 50% less attention.

Good Luck...

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