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( 8 months ago )

need help with certification practice exam grading formula

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Dilpreet Kaur


( 8 months ago )


Since i'm being trolled with negative marks on my post without people even giving any kind of constructive feedback, other than Rolazaro, I'm re-writing the question:

I am creating a program for a friend of mine that runs a technical college to write / practice / take exams for certifications and other tests. My problem is that I am not very mathematically inclined and need help with the formula for calculating the point average for each question based on three factors:

  • the difficulty of the question (values 1-10, 10 being hardest)
  • the total number of questions in the test (between 10 to 250+)
  • the total points possible, regardless of the number of questions (1,000 points)

The problem that i'm having is that I cannot find a way to factor in two of the variables so that the total possible score will always be 1,000:

  • the total number of questions on the test (let's call it "Qi", (i) represents the question #)
  • the difficulty rating of the question (let's call it "D")

Can anyone PLEASE help me with this? I really am struggling to figure out a formula for this...

what's your interest