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uwp app certification kit crashes

General Tech QA/Testing
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Nicola Aley


( 6 months ago )

This is not a coding problem but I had to ask it with the community, my uwp app was being rejected by certification process of the store (due to crash and hangs, which I cant reproduce on my machine) so I thought I should try and analyze it with the app certification kit on my own machine. ( which I was doing before with 16199 certification kit ) but now with release of latest app certification kit ( 17134.12) I have the latest one now and when I try to run the certification kit on it, the wizard just crashes after testing 1st 3 steps. if there is a problem with the app the kit should tell me tht in the end result after going through all tests, but it just randomly crashes during testing which was wierd to me as it never happened before on any previous certification kits. the kit crashes on validation on any package, I have tested with multiple apps.

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