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  • Sonam Vashishth Jan-07-2019 05:47:57 AM ( 6 months ago )

    What are some unethical life hacks?

  • Naveen Shastri Jan-07-2019 06:12:04 AM ( 6 months ago )

    Ever heard the saying, “nice guys finish last”. Like the popular 90’s cartoon that had a little devil and an angel on your shoulder telling you what to do - the devil that usually tells you to do the opposite of the right thing you are meant to do. In those cartoons, 99% of the time the little devil wins the battle.


    1. Get a free drink at a coffee shop


    Ask your friend to order a drink, then you pick up their drink and leave. After some time, have the same friend walk back to the counter and say they never had their drink, and they will get another one. Two for the price of one.

    2. Amazon Payment cheats

    Amazon payments allow you to send up to $1000 to anyone (just like PayPal). Setup an account for you and your spouse.

    You can transfer money back and forth using your cash back credit card. Many credit cards even offer 5% on select monthly categories, so you’re basically making money if you can pay them back. (Note: when the category is “health and drug” purchase a $1500 pre-paid visa from Wal-Greens.)

    3. Secret wedding


    If you’re about to get married, don’t originally tell vendors it’s for a wedding that you’re hiring them. Start off by claiming it’s an event or reunion and witness the significant price difference.

    4. Get a free carry-on


    When you get to the airport and you are in need of an extra carry-ons, go to the airport gift shop and ask for a gift bag. Because you “allegedly” bought the gift bag at the airport they would let you bring it on for no charge other than what you paid for the bag.


  • Deepak Parmar Jan-07-2019 06:17:42 AM ( 6 months ago )
    1. This hack works on cab drivers/rikshawalas who are dishonest and wants to con their customers - I used to travel from Mumbai to Pune (hometown) during weekends. My house from railway/bus station was less than 2 KM, so all Rikshawalas used to refuse to give me a ride since they were looking for long distance passengers to get more billing. I could walk home, but after a long day at work+travel+ luggage its better to get an auto (rickshaw). But I rarely used to get any rikashaw for such a small distance. Then I had an idea, I started writing down my own address on a piece of paper and started asking Rickshawalas - where is this address, is it close enough to take a walk? (pretending that I am new in town and doesn't know anything). I have seen their eyes sparkle because they found a Bakra (someone they can easily con), now they can take longer routes to get more billing and earn money by dishonesty. I started getting rides easily after this trick. Once they were ready to take me home, I would sit inside and instruct them the directions if they are taking wrong or longer routes. Some drivers used to get pissed of sometimes but that’s what they deserve.
    2. All the buses and trains are mostly packed during weekends between Mumbai and Pune, So I used to book a seat in AC bus in advance. I used to personally go to bus stop and book a ticket 1 day prior to my travel. At the ticket reservation window they used to ask the age and sex of the passenger. I used to tell them that I am booking this for my sister. So the ticket is booked for a female ( I am male by the way). Most probably I would get a Co -passenger who is female. Mostly an IT girl :P. I have enjoyed the company of opposite sex for 2 years during my travels using this trick. Once I was confronted by a conductor ‘hey this reservation is for female’. I said ‘My sister booked it for me, may be the person at the reservation desk thought she is the traveler’. No more objection from him, it was a valid reason

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