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  • Sonam Vashishth Jan-07-2019 05:46:18 AM ( 6 months ago )

    What daily habit has made your life simpler?

  • Surbhi Malik Jan-07-2019 06:02:10 AM ( 6 months ago )

    Not just one, but a few habits that made my life simpler:

    1) I drink 24 oz (~0.71 liters) of water immediately after I get out of bed. It instantly turns on my brain and rejuvenates every cell of my body. It also makes me go to the bathroom and cleans me out. I like to be emptied out completely and be light on my feet when starting my day.

    2) Shortly afterward, I drink another 16 oz (~0.5 liters) of my homemade ginger/lemon tea made with hot water, raw organic ginger peeled with a potato peeler and shredded with a cheese shredder, and 1/2 fresh lemon also shredded with a cheese shredder. I add some ground cinnamon powder and sometimes a little honey.

    I do pee like an elephant during the first couple of hours of the day. But that’s ok because I work from my home most mornings.

    I believe the water and tea are the main reasons why I have not gotten sick in many years. Better health means a simpler more productive life.

    3) I do as little driving in traffic as possible. I designed my life that I work mostly from home instead of going to the office. That way I can eat and exercise during my work day as it fits best with my daily workflow. If I do have to drive somewhere, I batch my errands and select off-peak traffic hours.

    When I do need to drive I utilize the dead time by listening to podcasts for an education on wheels. My favorite podcasts are the James Altucher Show, Tim Ferris Show, Science Of Success, Kwick Brain, Impact Theory, The Investor’s Podcast, and Peter Attia Drive.

  • Apoorva Saxena Jan-07-2019 06:04:05 AM ( 6 months ago )

    Must Read......
    Found it Worth sharing..
    Do read it guys it gives immense relaxation .
    Success does not come easy, not until you’re ready to put your heart and soul into working towards it. But if you play your cards right, there’s nobody in the world who can stop you from becoming the next big thing. We tell you some everyday habits that will make every moment of your hard work count and make you successful earlier than everyone else.

    1. Learning time management should be on the top of your list of skills to learn. Prioritize your tasks and invest your energies at the right places, just for the right amount of time and you’ll be a pro at meeting deadlines in no time.

    2. Present yourself as ‘the man’. Make people believe you’re the one who can get them what they need, especially your boss. You want everyone to think you’re the most dependable person around.

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