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  • Yasmin Mirza Mar-11-2019 12:49:06 PM ( 2 months ago )

    I have a very simple case. I want to update my collection every midnight. Im using node-schedule:


    schedule.scheduleJob('0 0 * * *', () => {


    All I want to do, is to loop over every document in my collection (Users) and then if User.created is false, I want to turn it into true.


    In javascript it would be:


    for (let user in Users) {
       if (user.created === false) {
          user.created = true;

    How to do it in mongoose?

  • Vikrant Srivastava Mar-11-2019 12:50:38 PM ( 2 months ago )

    You can use updateMany() methods of mongodb to update multiple document

    Simple query is like this

    db.collection.updateMany(filter, update, options)

    As per your requirement the update code will be like this:

    User.updateMany({"created": false}, {"$set":{"created": true}});

    here you need to use $set because you just want to change created from true to false. For ref. If you want to change entire doc then you don't need to use $set


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