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  • Alex Wilson Dec-11-2018 05:34:26 AM ( 5 months ago )


    What are some amazing brain hacks?

  • Jitender Rawat Dec-11-2018 05:41:47 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Turns out, your brain cannot really tell the difference between completely imagining something, and actually experiencing it.

    That means, that if you don't have time to practice throwing baskets into the hoop one day, but you usually practice, you can imagine throwing basket after basket, and your brain will actually improve your skills when you get back to the court.

    It means, that if you can picture yourself doing something that you are afraid of, you will become less afraid, as if you actually did it for real.

  • Vanshika Bhatt Dec-11-2018 05:43:47 AM ( 5 months ago )


    Here’s a list of things I personally do to help me think faster, become more intelligent, and make better decisions. I’ve used these to:

    • To become a best-selling author on Amazon twice
    • To get a promotion at work (with a 15% raise)
    • To build an online business that makes passive income ($500 to $2500 per month)
    • To quadruple the size of my email list (in just 3 months)
    • To build muscle and get down to 10% body fat (in 3 hours a week while still eating my favorite foods)
  • Rahul Chaudhary Dec-11-2018 05:48:41 AM ( 5 months ago )

    You can be more productive and get a better memory by - drumrolls - taking breaks. Finally, something to show to our parents. Of course, I used to study the other way round though. I used to break for long hours, and study for 15-20 minutes in between. Jokes apart, studies have proven that resting your brain after studying/learning is very important for memory consolidation. It is advised that one should take a break from whatever you're learning every 60-90 minutes. This applies even when you're learning something practically. Like learning how to play the guitar for example. To pick up, or better an art form, the best way is to keep taking breaks, even naps, every 90 minutes.

  • Charles Kyobe Dec-11-2018 05:52:26 AM ( 5 months ago )
    • If you feel you’ll forget what you’re learning for your exams, here’s a tip- Learn the concept and take a quick nap about 30–60 minutes. You’ll remember what you learnt and now it’ll be a child’s play to recollect and learn more!
    • You’re supposed to do something and if you feel you’ll miss it or forget it, here’s a tip- Say what you’re supposed to do repeatedly for about 10 times until it registers in your subconscious mind.
    • Meditation is one wonder cure. It’s not only for curing ailments but keeps you focused and has amazing long-term benefits for brain power.
    • Play logical and strategy games like Sudoku, chess, word puzzles to keep your brain running like an engine. The cells in your brain will definitely thank you for this one day.
  • Pooja Bhardwaj Dec-11-2018 05:57:42 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Hii All,

    Fasting is the ultimate brain hack! You can take drugs, exercise, socialize, meditate, eat brain food, drink green tea but nothing even comes close to what happens inside your brain when you fast. 

    Fasting is willing abstinence or reduction from certain or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. Basically overnight absence of food and drink is a fast *, but lasts only 8 to 10 hours. However, overnight fast is too short to have any effect on brain. The minimum absence of all food intake is 24 hours twice in a week in order to have some long-term benefits. You don't have to do an absolute fast which is absence of water also – you can, and you should, drink lots of water to remove toxins in your body. First hours of fasting are the hardest ones; it is when your body burns all carbohydrates and switches to other energy forms. Human brain weighs only 2 % of body weight but consumes 20 % of its energy. So, brain need lots of energy even when you fast. The main energy source is glucose and stored glycogen which are depleted fast when you fast. After 24 hours of fast or so, your brain starts to use ketone bodies to fuel itself which is called ketosis. Ketone bodies come from burning fats. Fats are slower but more storable energy form than glucose. So, after 24 hours, fasting becomes much easier because your body is already using ketone bodies for main energy source. 

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