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  • Animesh Mangla Nov-29-2017 03:09:47 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Lots of new blogs/websites have been introduced . For eg : - Quora , Pinterest etc

  • Yaspal chaudhary Dec-07-2017 02:54:46 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Organizations around the world are looking for some foresight, and it’s prediction time. I’ve got a few, but here’s a little disclaimer – I have no crystal ball, no tarot cards.

    • My list of eLearning trends and predictions is based on my observations of how ideas evolved into trends in the last few years and ideas that are simmering today with all the ingredients to make them the hottest thing in town in the days to come.
    • I also believe that looking at eLearning trends and predictions becomes more meaningful when it provides you with inputs you can use. This was exactly my objective and this article on eLearning trends and predictions for 2017 will provide several pointers that you can use to uplift your current learning strategy (better learner engagement and other measures to create the impact businesses need to see).

    And now, it’s time to look at the eLearning trends and get going with the predictions for 2017. I have banded this into 3 parts:

    • What will continue to offer value (what has worked and delivered value in the recent past).
    • Where we will see increased focus.
    • What to watch out for in 2017.
  • Baleshwar Chauhan Dec-07-2017 03:01:08 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Today Collaborative And Social Learning also are the latest developments in e-learning systems and platforms.

    ### Collaborative And Social Learning

    Today, social learning is more than a buzz and is increasingly used by forward thinking organizations to foster collaborative learning and more significantly its application on the job. While there will be a continued need for formal training that meets specific learning outcomes, there would be an increase in platforms for informal or social learning where learners can network, share, collaborate, and exchange ideas on problem-solving.


  • Animesh Mangla Dec-07-2017 03:02:18 PM ( 1 year ago )

    New learning platforms need to be of these developments: 
    1. Simplicity - teachers and learners alike need to be able to learn from and easily share the information with others via email, social media platforms, etc. 
    2. Content Collaboration - ease of pulling content from anywhere on the web into an order that is engaging and easy to use. 
    3. Integration - embeddable into existing platforms such as Moodle and Blackboard. 

  • Baleshwar Chauhan Dec-07-2017 03:03:44 PM ( 1 year ago )

    As for my understandin It may also two central developments in elearning: 

    1)  Integrating social interaction and collaborative discussion into learning.  People are learning on their own, whether or not they have access to formal learning programs, LMSs or courses.  Collaborative platforms - whether Facebook, Yammer or Bloomfire - enable learners to get their questions answered quickly, share information across divisions/departments/locations and add value to courses and other pieces of static learning information.

    2)  Using game dynamics to attract and retain learners.  How do you reach your learners?  Particularly, how do you reach the resistant ones?  Make studying, learning and practicing new skills and ideas part of a game.  Whether you enable them to engage in friendly competition with their peers or just to earn recognition for their successes, you're providing them with access to immediate feedback and satisfaction for their work.  In my personal life, I'm addicted to Flight Control on my iPhone and "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" on the Wii, so I'm looking for opportunities to capture that kind of excitement in my learning experiences.  And the ones that we facilitate at OpenSesame, of course.

  • Baleshwar Chauhan Dec-07-2017 03:05:03 PM ( 1 year ago )

    One of the very interesting thing I have seen in past is the introduction of interactive videos.

    Consider an online video tutorial with quizzes and questions popping up while you are watching it.

    Another interesting development is in virtual reality and argumentative reality. This is very new and lot of stuff can be done with it.

    Sit on sofa, put on your VR headset and join your virtual class. Someone must be doing on it.

  • Baleshwar Chauhan Dec-07-2017 03:07:01 PM ( 1 year ago )

    E-Learning have been ALWAYS in late respect other web software categories like CRM, E-Commerce, CMS and others ... they evolved very fast, usually E-Learning is more slow (Moodle is using the OLD orange-columns interfaces from 10 years!!! ;)

    The changes i'm seeing in the market right now are:

    • Channel: With the SAAS (Software as a service) it's much more easy to have an LMS, no installations, no server, simply activate online. Advanages are budget related, less complexity and zero maintenance
    • New Tin Can API Standard to track and certify online training (instead the OLD SCORM standard model)
    • Third party interfacement: E-Learning is not alone, you need to interface with videconference systems, CMS, ERP and many many others .

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