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  • Vanshika Bhatt Dec-04-2018 10:31:42 AM ( 5 months ago )


    You can creating a project, invite members, appoint them on either of two roles Project Admin or Project Member…etc
    Good is that TestCaseLab offers its own format of .csv files or import which is a nice test case example for beginners. The service integrates with the following bug trackers: Redmine, JIRA and Pivotal.


    It is mainly a bug tracker aiming to control development process with tasks, bugs and other types of agile cards. It can works in couple with Zephyr. If you use a combination of those two, you will get afull service according to the functionality of test management tools.(JIRA+Zephyr)


    The project has been being developed since 2012 and aims at helping not only the testers but the entire team during the development. His interface is simple, and user-friendly.


    TestRail was founded in 2004 by Gurock Software GmbH Company. It was their first tool used for planning and testing. The tool has a user-friendly interface, intuitively comprehensible buttons’ arrangement, and carefully thought the system of switching between contiguous features. It is really usefull to execute testing based on creating test scenatios, also make reports and you can creat a bug and upload it to integrated bug trackers such as JIRA etc.



    EasyQA - there are so many options. For example, if your test product is a mobile app for Andriod or iOS, it proves useful. The library is able to catch and send crashes to dashboard.
    You can also take screenshots, recording video, making bugs and sending all of this to our bug tracker from the phone.

    Good luck!

  • Shalini Jaiswal Dec-04-2018 10:34:14 AM ( 5 months ago )

    To start with the automated testing, you can refer some of the widely used software testing blogs and forums like Utest, Software Testing Help, Testing Excellence, etc. Depending upon the testing functionalities, some of the most trending software testing tools, which a QA automation tester should experience are:

    1. Selenium,
    2. TestingWhiz,
    3. Ranorex,
    4. TestStudio,
    5. Test Complete, etc
  • Mike Franklin Dec-04-2018 10:38:24 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Learning a specific framework or any vendor-specific automation tool, is like learning to use Wordpress to build a website. You will always be bounded by the restrictions of Wordpress in terms of how your website would look like.

    Learning a programming language is like learning about the smallest lego parts and how they work with each other. When you finally understand them, you will realize the endless possibilities that you could build with them.

  • Sam Curran Dec-04-2018 10:40:59 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Always a good idea to remember that automation has nothing to do with testing: 

    If you are into test automation, I would strongly recommend that you focus on being the best programmer possible. There are many resources on Quora on how to do that.The exception is if you work with enterprise applications like SAP. In that case you may not need strong programming skills. In those cases, you should make sure you keep building on your domain knowledge.

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