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  • Lucky Negi Dec-14-2018 05:39:46 AM ( 5 months ago )

    What are the top 5 future technologies that are highly in-demand?

  • Surbhi Malik Dec-14-2018 05:41:43 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Top 5 future techs that will rule the world, just like Internet do are : (enjoy)

    1. Artificial Intelligence - robots are taking our jobs. No. Robots will not take your jobs. Everyone wants a skilled employee. And in future, skills are your saviour not a piece of paper that says now, this person is employable. I do not vouch for him/her. It isn’t 1960s where education is not available to everyone. Education is pretty common now, skills are not.
    2. Alternative source of energy - Solar cells, wind energy, water energy, hydrogen energy and my favourite, biogas. Oil is costly. Both economically as well as environmentally. And it is getting exhaust too. Solar energy is coming up like Game of Thrones did after Twilight.
    3. Self driving cars - Google and other major companies have invested money in driver less car. Lots of successful persons say driving is a waste of time. Creating yourself skilled for this, will be better than holding degree and kicking yourself.
    4. Space exploration - Likes of Elon Musk are hell bent to set up space exploration for public. Maybe they are doing it to prove flat earthers wrong. Who knows. What I know is that around 50–70 years from now, it will be very common.
    5. Cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin was just a trailer. Litecoin and sisters of it are coming soon. Saudi has already invested in Blockchain- a technology over which Bitcoin works. Blockchain ( in simpler words) a system of diaries which are in hands of everyone. Anyone can cross check the info in those diaries. Same information is stored in each diary and is updated regularly by its bearer. Cryptos offer a better future,economically.
  • Rahul Chaudhary Dec-14-2018 05:42:45 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Technology becoming more intertwined in everyday lives each year. Startups and multinational companies alike are beginning to feel the ripple effects of innovation in the industry. As time progresses, we are getting new technology innovations everyday. Here are 5 future technologies we can expect to be highly in-demand.

    Artificial Intelligence

    With all the current progress of AI technology, it is reasonable to expect the this innovation will be deeply entrenched in both business and consumer activities.

    The Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things has long been talked about amongst tech insiders as the next big innovation in home technology. In recent years, IoT has begun carve a niche for itself in everyday life with the growing adoption of systems like Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa. These devices will continue to integrate more aspects of the home into one harmonious system by utilizing the internet, allowing a user to control anything from the air conditioning to their security via voice command and a small personal assistant.

  • Shalini Jaiswal Dec-14-2018 05:44:05 AM ( 5 months ago )

    The top 5 future technologies that are highly in-demand are as follows:-

    1. BIM Technology
    2. AI
    3. IoT
    4. GIS
    5. Big data

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