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  • Sonam Vashishth Dec-18-2018 07:10:27 AM ( 5 months ago )

    What did your daily schedule look like when you were preparing for a competitive exam?

  • Lavish Roy Dec-18-2018 07:12:38 AM ( 5 months ago )


    Well, crazy enough for a sixteen year old. I was preparing for my Final Examinations and a Senior Physics Olympiad. I was also participating in the World Scholars Cup and I was supposed to have a life too. I was a little stressed, I almost dropped everything thinking it wasn't worth it.

    My day would start at 5 in the morning, I would go and leave my towel and bucket in the ablution (I was at a boarding school) collecting cold water aand then I'd go back to my room to spread my bed. Sometimes there would be someone else using my preferred shower so I'd prepare anything else I could. I'd usually comb my hair though, that's the only activity I had left, I'm a really organized person so all my clothes and books were already ready for the day. By half past five, I would be done showering and I would wear my uniform and clean my room again. I made it a point to be out of the hostel and seated in class by 6 AM, although this was not the norm. The rest of the girls left the hostels at 06 30, I liked going to class very early, it was quiet and I had some time alone to study or chant something. I would usually do math, or finish up homework in this time, I never wanted to do homework in prep (assigned study time) because I felt like I wouldn't get to study.

  • Amie Khalifa Dec-18-2018 07:19:01 AM ( 5 months ago )

    I’ve mentioned this in one of my previous answers. A lot of people have been messaging me about it also. So, here’s the answer:

    My routine was more or less fixed. 12 AM to 6 or 7 AM.

    Yes it is A.M.

    I had some reasons to follow this routine:

    1. I had very less amount of time to prepare for the exam and I had no other option in life. I had to make it through.
    2. I wanted a time with no distractions whatsoever. I get distracted very easily.
    3. The other time of the day was really busy. Teaching and household chores.
    4. I prefer nights over mornings.

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