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  • Vijay Singh Raghav Jan-04-2018 02:49:50 PM ( 1 year ago )

    What Is The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning?

  • Ritesh Kejriwal Jan-04-2018 02:57:55 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans.

     A type of AI that can include but isn’t limited to neural networks and deep learning. Generally, it is the ability for a computer to output or do something that it wasn’t programmed to do.

  • Vandan Mishra Jan-04-2018 03:00:56 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Key difference: Artificial Intelligence is the computer’s attempt to imitate human intelligence. Whereas Machine Learning focuses on analyzing large chunks of data and learning from it. Deep learning, on the other hand, allows the computer to actually learn and differentiate and make decisions like a human.


    Machine Learning, on the other hand, is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It attempts to develop a machine that can act without programming. In AI, a machine is typically programmed to do something. While the machine in this scenario is smart, it does not learn. The intelligence is programmed into the computer, whereas machine learning allows the computer to learn something new, something that it was not programmed to do.

  • Baleshwar Chauhan Jan-04-2018 03:01:54 PM ( 1 year ago )

    ###Early Days ######

    Artificial Intelligences :

    Devices designed to act intelligently – are often classified into one of two fundamental groups – applied or general. Applied AI is far more common – systems designed to intelligently trade stocks and shares, or manoeuvre an autonomous vehicle would fall into this category.

    Machine Learning :

    As technology, and, importantly, our understanding of how our minds work, has progressed, our concept of what constitutes AI has changed. Rather than increasingly complex calculations, work in the field of AI concentrated on mimicking human decision making processes and carrying out tasks in ever more human ways.

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