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  • Sunanda Kashyap Nov-30-2018 07:57:00 AM ( 5 months ago )

    What was the most disturbing thing that you saw in the dark web?

  • Alice Davidson Nov-30-2018 12:42:09 PM ( 5 months ago )

    As I previously answered in my numerous answers about Dark Web, the most disturbing thing is child pornography and its monstrous scale.


    There are bunch of forums with hundreds and thousands of users, that discuss gore details of sexual contacts, ask questions about “safety measures” and quite disgusting details.


    I have read about whole families being involved in this, as I can recall at least on occasion when somebody recommended a community in South-East Asia (will not mention country to avoid Holly Wars in comments) that was able to supply customers with child sex-workers, as apparently it was one of the ways how families from rural areas were able to make it out of the poverty


    I always get asked about it often, but I do not really want to talk about this topic, because I find this topic too disgusting.


    You might be seeking in my answer for something like “Red Rooms”, where people watch other people being tortured for money, but all those are either scam or staged. The closest thing that might remind you of Red Room were suicide shows. Some people wanted to make a show out of their suicide, so they always made live-show of how they hung themselves or cut their veins and slowly bleed. You will be surprised, but those videos got thousands of watchers, and hundreds of people were always cheering and pushing them to commit suicide. Not so long time ago, I discovered that it’s no longer on Dark Net, and it’s a part of clear net.

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