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  • Ritesh Kejriwal Nov-29-2017 03:02:40 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Given that technology provides an ever increasing level of efficiency, amounting to decreasing the amount of jobs needed in the economy, would a shrinking population reduce the unemployment rate?

  • Yaspal chaudhary Nov-30-2017 03:05:27 PM ( 1 year ago )

    I think job would not be replaced....Employees will be replaced.

    AI will be next technology in future to give rest to employee.

  • Digvijay Singh Nov-30-2017 03:07:48 PM ( 1 year ago )

    I think Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning will enhance the number of machines doing automated tasks. This may lead to an increase in IT jobs but for no requirement for their operators. If the machine is having human intelligence, it means we are replacing the job of the human with machine. So as the number of automated machines for specific sector increases, job requirement will go down. We have the traditional example for unemployment of Indian weavers after introduction for weaving machines in India. huge Weavers job were replaced by some machines and operators. With the introduction of Artificial intelligence, we gonna replace the jobs machine operators with the machine itself. Which means no requirement of humans !!!

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