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  • Apoorva Saxena Dec-03-2018 05:09:47 AM ( 5 months ago )
  • Sunanda Kashyap Dec-03-2018 05:34:23 AM ( 5 months ago )

    There are various digital marketing courses out there & great mentors too, they can teach you a lot.

    They will give a direction to move ahead but as you grow you will realize how things change and work in marketing paradigm.

    Unfortunately, digital marketing is not as simple and straight forward as traditional marketing. Digital marketing is best done in-house and cannot be outsourced to a digital marketing agency for various practical reasons.

    This is the reason that digital marketing experts are sought after all over the world right now and the demand for such candidates will only go up in the future.

    There are even MBA programs with specialization in digital marketing such as this one: NYU Stern MBA Digital Marketing. There are certification exams such as HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification program and Google Adwords certification. But does attending all these courses and getting all the certificates make you a digital marketing expert?

    The answer is a big NO.

    It may help you learn the fundamentals and even some advanced concepts in digital marketing but it does not make you career ready for a position like Digital Marketing Manager. Digital marketing expertise comes with digital marketing experience.

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