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  • TuteeHub Nov-16-2017 01:56:40 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Does it help you do your job better like graphic designing/programming etc?

  • Manpreet Singh Nov-16-2017 02:49:46 PM ( 1 year ago )

    I'm into creative writing and I think Linux best suites me. Its free of crappy viruses and buggy programs. So I can just focus on writing.

  • Baleshwar Chauhan Nov-16-2017 02:49:53 PM ( 1 year ago )


    As for my knowledge and experties, Linux is my favorite Operating Syatem.

    As it has the strongest kernel and it offers you the full control over your hardware.


    Thank You !

  • Baleshwar Chauhan Nov-16-2017 02:57:06 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Hi TuteeHUB Admin,

    I am little bit confuse, is node js better for multiple page application or it only benificial for single page application ?

    Would you  provide any training or guidence so that it could be help for me.


    Thank You !

  • Digvijay Singh Nov-16-2017 02:59:44 PM ( 1 year ago )

    I heard a lot about Linux and mac, but since I started using windows 8, I  didn't feet to switch to other OS. All most all desired software runs on Windows 8 very well even with a low configuration of the machine. There was a problem with windows 7 while installing heavy software but Never faced the same problem with windows 8. 

  • Pranjal Goel Nov-16-2017 03:05:24 PM ( 1 year ago )

    It depends on the type of work you wants to do on the system, in case of development/programming i would prefer to go with Linux operating system (Specially Ubuntu) which gives me more control over the system whereas if we want to do the work like documentation, mails or other things in which user experience matter then would prefer to go with Windows operating system (Specially Windows 7 & 10) these days.


  • Yaspal chaudhary Nov-21-2017 11:02:34 AM ( 1 year ago )

    It's up to our mind, Of which we feel comfortable to work on....

  • Asd dsa Nov-23-2017 06:48:20 AM ( 1 year ago )

    MAC is more secure than any other operating system but in terms of User Interface Windows is better.

  • Vijay Singh Raghav Nov-30-2017 03:21:55 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Depends on the type of the work you want to implement.

    Window is very easy to learn having the best User Interface among all the OS, 

    where as windows software are not relaible.

    Linux the best according to me as it is open source and secure from virus.

    MAC is for the business purpose, where you want to make your data highly private .

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