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  • Liza Sain Nov-27-2018 12:17:15 PM ( 5 months ago )

    Why do programmers use multiple screens?

  • Brian Burl Nov-27-2018 12:41:06 PM ( 5 months ago )

    However, some do, and there are a few reasons for it…


    If you use a laptop, even the biggest screen is painfully small, even a 17″ screen, which is huge for a laptop, is microscopic by desktop standards. So, yes, external displays can become essential.

    Some people like to see code on one screen, and say the website they are working on the other screen, that can be useful. Or maybe Xcode on one screen, a simulator on the other. I’m not too bothered about it, but some people prefer it.

    This might be a little controversial… It’s a really good way to look like a programmer. If you want to look like a programmer, have 3 screens, at least one in portrait orientation, and fire up a customised terminal running Vim… Nobody will spot the faker…


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