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  • Akansha Sinha Dec-20-2018 12:57:03 PM ( 5 months ago )

    Experience. You deal with enough low level users and you dumb everything down to that level. It’s a lot easier than having different levels of explaination for different level users. The vast majority of users are low level users, and therefore it makes sense to assume that the user you are working with is low level. If you exhibit signs of expertise, we may talk to you differently.

    If you don’t want to be treated as a low level user, make sure you explain - in technical detail - the troubleshooting steps you have done, before submitting the request. We can read expertise in the level of detail and complexity of the steps taken to troubleshoot. A low end user will have done nothing to troubleshoot and will give partial or unclear symptoms, and will probably have lied about restarting their computer (device) as a first step.

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