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Google IOT - device subscribe to something else than /devices/XXXX/config

Internet of Things IoT Frameworks
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Pooja Bhardwaj


( 1 month ago )

_x000D_ I am not an expert on Google IoT, but few days ago I got the same doubts about it. Apparently, although we can publish to /events, /config and /state topics, using MQTT protocol, only topic /config and, maybe, /state can work through subscriptions with the same protocol. The conclusion I got, after reading many times the documentation, that is not so clear, and asking some questions here at stackoverflow is: you can not use MQTT to subscribe to any topic in order to receive those data sent to /events topic. To accomplish this, you have to create a Pub/Sub topic associating it to your device: On Google Cloud IoT Core Console, click on your registry ID; Create a standard telemetry topic; After topic created, click on the topic to see its details; Its details will open on Google Cloud Pub/Sub panel; In this panel, you can create a subscription to the created topic, by clicking on the "create subscription button". Now that you have a "google cloud pub/sub topic" linked to "google cloud iot core /events telemetry MQTT topic" and a respective subscription, you can use the google pub/sub library to receive notifications through created subscription when data are sent to /events topic. Maybe the following link can also help: I hope this can help you. If I made any mistake in my answer, may someone edit it with some improvement or correction.

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