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Complete Digital Marketing Setup

Sales & Marketing - Marketing
INR 21999.00 Order Now

Are you a Business or an Individual looking for a simple but complete digital marketing solution that helps you drive your business goals?

This it then. We offer a variety of digital marketing and web design services ranging from paid advertisement to web & e-commerce development.We work with all sized businesses and projects from full digital marketing campaigns to specific, part-time campaigns.

Why Us?

Experienced Team Delivering Great Results: Our team has years of experience in researching, planning and creating innovative marketing campaigns that align with your business targets.

In-depth Research & Content/Marketing Strategy: We invest the time required to fully understand your business, audience and primary goals and use the findings to form a strategy that works for your business.

Versatile: We will continuously monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Services:

✏️ Display Advertising

Display advertising includes text, images, flash, video, and audio to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors.

✏️ Search Engine Marketing

To enhance the visibility of a website in the digital jungle, which mainly include search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC).

✏️ Digital Strategy Planning

Understanding your customers, your business, it’s objectives and goals. Thereafter integrating digital media and channels in to suit the requirements of both your customers and business.

✏️ Search Engine Optimization

Enhancing the visibility of a website or webpage results   to generate traffic from “Free” ,“Organic” or natural search,including Content optimization , Keyword research and Link building based on in depth analysis of the business and it’s customers .

✏️ Social Media Marketing

Proactive approach of creating content and distributing it across suitable social media channels to Reach out , to Inform and to interact with the relevant customer segment meanwhile creating substantial earned media visibility for the brand .

✏️ Mobile Marketing

SMS(Text)  , WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Bots, Telegram based marketing and promotions


30 Days



Stratergy, Setup and Execution

21999 INR

How it works:


Pay online using your favoured method (credit/debit/bank account/PayPal). Rest assured all payments are secured and safe by Instamojo Payment services. You shall receive a receipt and acknowledge as soon as you order.


Schedule a session with our Strategy Team


Receive Your Campaign Plan.


Review And Approve to Initiate Campaign.


Receive Weekly Performance Analytics and Strategy Briefs.

It’s that simple!

Complete Digital Marketing Setup

INR 21999.00

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