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Expert Business Analyst, Product Manager, Or Project Manager

Product Sourcing - Product Design
INR 55000.00 Order Now

Let me provide you with a source of support, guidance, and ongoing assistance on a monthly basis with a technical team support.

My offers -

  • Flexible & Economical
  • Professional services for small businesses that need help with technical projects.
  • A Min. Development Team For Small POC Projects & Idea Implementation.


I am here to help you get more work done each month, to resolve issues & to save you time, money, & energy!
I have been leading and working in teams that develop business applications  since 2011, delivering numerous mobile & web apps for international companies

We're experienced with Agile software development principles and practices (SCRUM, Kanban etc), and in working with developers. We've published multiple books on this topic; all available on

Hire us for 80 hours a month to work on ANY of the following:

  • Professional business analysis & research
  • Technical advice & consultancy
  • Product development & product management
  • Creating & managing Agile boards
  • Technical project management
  • Training
  • Translating prototypes & wireframes into user stories
  • User experience, user testing & product feedback
  • Software testing
  • Working with/managing development teams

Expert Business Analyst, Product Manager, Or Project Manager

INR 55000.00

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