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Provide An Action Tracker For Startup Business Planning & Execution


I am a Co-Founder & Director. I am working for Research since 2007. I have been associated with business organizations since 2007 as software consultant. In this journey I have advised numerous organizations how to use software & mobile application to get best results in their business.I will advise you the best suited Business Procedure for an organization. 

First Hand Experience Of Project Planning, Development, Team Handing & Execution.Overall Responsibility of Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Product Costing, Cost Reduction & Management.

Guiding in Business Project
Assistance in Content Writing
Guiding in Research Proposal
Assistance in Business Proposal
Technical Assistance in Online Research

My achievements, experiences, positive attitude, dedication to work have shaped me in to an outstanding professional whom everybody wants to work with.


I bring to the table, successful projects through the experience that I’ve gained over past several years in diverse technologies. My 11+ years of solid experience in software engineering & business planning  field has seen me as a great expertise, proficient and bridge to fill the gap between technology, people and solutions. 


My experience vary from a software developer to a project manager has given me a clear understanding on the nature, thinking and expectation of team members, clients, technology and process which has molded me to create perfect solutions from the conception to closure.
Happy To Execute More Beautiful Projects Together.



Warning: Academic Work ( Homework, Assignment is not Allowed)


If you have any Question before starting Order, You can SMS me with your task. I will answer with super fast except sleeping hours. 



Price :
INR 55000.00





Sales & Marketing - Brand Management


13 Apr, 2018

DELIVERY DAYS(Est. Delivery)

22 Days

Aditya Tomar


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